WIDI's Home

Hey kids, it's me WIDI!

There is nothing more annoying than boredom. Maybe that's exactly the reason why I prefer strolling around in the Ötztal - which leaves nothing to be desired.

Why I prefer the Ötztal Valley? That's easy to explain: this place offers a great blend of adventures, activities and nature exploration in summer and winter alike. No matter if the sun is shining brightly or Mother Hulda lets the snow fall. Even a real local like me will discover loads of new surprises and interesting spots every day.

Heaps of fun and exciting adventures are scheduled all day long! You should not miss out on fantastic theme hiking trails for kids and varied family events held throughout the Ötztal.

Of course I am not meek as a lamb – and I am very  intelligent, too: believe me, I’m a rather skeptical guy by nature. I've got that from my Daddy, the stubborn ram. Only one thing  is for sure: the Ötztal has many highlights and attractions to explore.

So be quick and don't wait any longer -
Come and visit me at home!

PS: You can choose from countless lodgings of all categories, made to measure for family holidays. Watch out for the family-friendly WIDI logo in the region Oetz where I live!