Ötztal Trek

Mountain Hiking to the Peak of Tirol

The splendid long-distance Ötztal Trek allows hikers and mountaineers to experience Ötztal's highest regions and pristine natural beauty!

6 route sections comprise 22 hiking stages and 15 variations offering a total elevation gain of some 30,000 meters on a distance of 400 kilometers. The scenic Ötztal Trek travels from its trailhead in Ötztal-Bahnhof in eastern direction from hut to hut and across saddles, ridges and peaks to Obergurgl and Vent, before it heads back westwards along the Geigenkamm ridge to Ötztal-Bahnhof.

6 route sections with 2 - 5 day stages are just perfect for a memorable holiday at the Peak of Tirol, amidst the awe-inspiring Ötztal Alps. Of course, prior hiking experience is needed for all routes. The trails are signposted according to the "Tirolean Mountain Trail Concept": most of the routes are "black mountain trails" which are difficult and demanding while other sections have "red" trail markers and are of intermediate difficulty.

However, if a path leads across a glacier blazing and signs will most likely be missing. Knowing the weather forecast for the area where you are hiking and detailed tour planning are also essential. Proper hiking equipment is required for all tours: ankle-high boots with sturdy soles, wind and rain protection, sunscreen, possibly hiking poles, and a hat and gloves for the higher regions. First aid kits are vital pieces of hiking equipment.




Planing a hike & First Aid

Tourenplanung & Erste HilfeFirst Aid, Planing a hike, Equipment and useful tips & information...


Hiking Rules

BergsteigerregelnHere you find ten basic mountain rules for your safety. Make sure that your next holiday in the fantastic Ötztal mountains will be successful...


General Hiking Information

WegmarkierungenBefore starting your hiking or mountaineering tour you should let your host know your hiking destination and the time you expect to be back...


General recommendations

Allgemeine WanderempfehlungFrom the Alpine associations. Tips for the perfect hike....


Routes 1 - 6

Routes 1 - 6

Route 1

An ocean in the Alps

Stage 1 - 5
Ötztal-Bahnhof (704 m) - Dortmunder Hütte (1949 m) - Schweinfurter Hütte (2036 m) - Winnebachseehütte (2361 m) - Amberger Hütte (2136 m) - Hochstubaihütte (3174 m)

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Route 2

Sölden's silent part

Stage 6 - 9
Hochstubaihütte (3174 m) -> Hildesheimer
Hütte (2900 m) -> Siegerlandhütte (2710 m) -> Gasthaus Hochfirst (1860 m) -> Brunnenkogelhaus (2738 m)

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Route 3

Ötztal loop tour

Stage 10 - 12
Obergurgl (1930 m) - Langtalereckhütte (2430 m) - Hochwildehaus (2866 m) - Ramolhaus (3005 m) - Martin-Busch-Hütte (2501 m) - Similiaunhütte (3017 m)

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Route 4

Following the Iceman's traces

Stage 13 - 17
Similaunhütte (3017 m) - Hochjoch-Hospiz (2412 m) - Brandenburger Haus (3274 m) - Vernagthütte (2755 m) - Breslauer Hütte (2844 m) - Restaurant Tiefenbach (2789 m) - Rettenbachjoch (2990 m) - Braunschweiger Hütte (2758 m)

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Route 5

Across Geigenkamm-Mainzer Höhenweg

Stage 18 - 20
Braunschweiger Hütte (2.758 m) - Mainzer Höhenweg - Rüsselsheimer Hütte (2.328 m) - Luibisscharte (2.914 m) - Hauerseehütte (2.383 m) - Felderjöchl (2.797 m) - Frischmannhütte (2.192 m)

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Route 6

Across Geigenkamm - Forchheimer Weg

Stage 21 - 22
Frischmannhütte (2.192 m) -> Fundusfeiler (3.079 m) -> Erlanger Hütte (2.541 m) -> Forchheimer Weg -> Maisalm (1.631 m) -> Ötztal-Bahnhof (704 m)

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