What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a new and top modern GPS-assisted treasure hunt for members of the Geocaching Community, who search and hide geocaches world-wide. A geocache is a small hidden container or box you find by entering its coordinates into a GPS device. After a quick and easy registration all important GPS coordinates and further information on the hiding places can be downloaded to your GPS device from the community homepage

Geocaching im Ötztal

Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Also your kids will be enthusiastic about walking and hiking amid unspoilt nature – especially if you take them on an exciting treasure hunting tour. Indulge in a whole new adventure world where a treasure box containing important route details can be found behind every corner.

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9für5 5für1

9for5 & 5for1

On this fun-filled, GPS assisted treasure hunt you can gather not only the highly coveted "Ötz-Taler" geo-coins but also discover the most hidden and scenic places of the entire Ötztal Valley.

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